Howard Bragman


Culture of Crisis

Written by: Howard Bragman for Huffington Post You can’t turn on a television set, read a newspaper or surf the Internet without reading about another celebrity, company or politician in crisis. Not only do all our celebrities seem to get into trouble, but ironically, getting into trouble can actually turn people into celebrities. How did [...]

Gwissues: One-on-One with Patti Davis

Watch this week’s episode of “Gwissues” with former President Ronald Regan’s daughter Patti Davis

Joy Behar: Say Anything

Howard Bragman hosts “Joy Behar: Say Anything!”

Good Morning America

Howard and George Stephanopoulos discuss Beyonce’s incredible and bold PR move, in which she asked everyone at the Super Bowl press conference to rise as she sang the national anthem a cappella, squashing much of the recent criticism.

MSNBC’s Jansing & Co.

Howard discusses what GOP hopefuls need to do in order to successfully campaign for the 2016 presidency.

Logo Founder Launching Gay-Themed YouTube Channel With Slate of 10 Originals (Exclusive)

Programming from the creator of “Anyone But Me,” Howard Bragman, Louis Virtel and Judy Gold will be rolled out when Gwist launches Jan. 14.

Paparazzi With Drones

The future of celebrity stalking.

Live Wrong

Live Wrong – America loves a comeback story. Overcoming obstacles. Triumphing over adversity. This is the American hero archetype.

Classic Arnold in His Own Script

Classic Arnold in His Own Script – IN the Watergate era, this might have been called a “modified limited hangout.”

Showbiz Tonight

Howard Bragman discusses the Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson breakup.